Our wish is to be the best choice at our customers. We will achieve this by constant improvement of production processes, reliability of supplies, cost control, raising the professional level of co-workers, removing the unpleasant influences on the environment, efficient use of energy and improvement of health, safety and working conditions. With constant effort for the improvement of knowledge of the employees as well as for the technological progress and innovation, we would like our development to be permanent in compliance with the operation and our needs and it doesn’t jeopardize the needs of the future generations. We would like to become the leading company in the field of social responsible business practice and a partner of stimulation and good example in favour of the entire society. We would like to become the most desired employer to our present and future employees.


Our mission is to inspire the customers with our products and services thus it will enable to the owners reaching the set objectives and at the same time it will offer a long-term social security to the employees with the possibility of fulfilment of their personal, economic and social objectives.


We are meeting the expectations and demands of customers and owners with motivated, qualified and satisfied employees, who are highly loyal to the company.


The quality of business activity, environmental protection, efficient use of energy and assurance of occupational health and safety is planned, carried out and checked in all work fields. We strive after the improvement of quality of life of our employees, their family members and local communities in which we operate.


The processes are established in compliance with the requirements of the standards for the Quality Management System according to SIST ISO 9001, Environmental Management System according to SIST ISO 14001, Energy Management System according to SIST ISO 50001 and Management System of occupational health and safety according to OHSAS 18001 and they ensure constant improvement of:


  • quality of products and processes (increase of functionality of products and cost minimizing),
  • relations with suppliers and customers,
  • influences on the environment with reducing of VOC emissions, waste formation and consumption of energy sources,
  • operation conditions with the investments in the properties and equipment,
  • informing, education and communication,
  • risk awareness, which could lead to non-compliant products, influences on the    environment, ineffective use of energy and injuries and jeopardize the information security,
  • protection of co-workers, contractors and visitors from injuries and health threats,
  • development and execution of management systems in cooperation with co-workers,
  • management of OHSAS and its effect,
  • health promotion on place of work,
  • energy efficiency and ensuring information and needed sources for the achievement of energy goals.

Company’s objectives

Our main objectives are:

  • to implement the objectives set in the annual and long-term business plans with the balanced and all through mastered company’s growth in the MAKSIM group,
  • to become an important development carrier in the social environments in which the companies of MAKSIM group have their headquarters,
  • to maintain, check and constantly improve the management systems in compliance with the suitable internationally recognized standards,
  • the fulfilment of accepted legal and other requirements related to the identified environmental aspects, energy efficiency and occupational health and safety,
  • the suppliers and customers need to be encouraged for them constantly to improve the performance of requirements of quality, environment, energy efficiency and assurance of occupational health and safety.


The respect of the contents of this document is an obligation of all employees in the Maksim group.