Creative development team is the heart of the company

The story of each container starts in the development department of the company and in this department we make sure that each story has an appropriate content and conclusion. The development follows the product also in the phases of testing, making of prototype and later in the execution of mass production, where each step of making the container is carefully planned, calculated and executed.

Our experienced, reliable and enthusiastic technical team faces complex challenges with its own knowledge and solutions and together with the customers it manages the projects successfully and efficiently.

Energy engineering

Development of “onshore” and “offshore” energy units is a special story in the development department. The engineering in the field of energetics, electrical installations, air-conditioning and fire protection provide the carefully planned and efficiently designed container with added value and unlimited possibility of using E-units on global level of all industrial branches.

Smaller weight – higher efficiency

Each container is part of product range and each differs from another. That’s why the development of the containers is so magical.

The weight of containers is next to their functionality the most important factor in the transport field. With precise static and dynamic analyses, the container can be developed to the optimal state between the durability and weight.


Our brand Atom is also part of the entire product range and we are very proud of it. It is designed for the transport and storage of low and medium radioactive nuclear waste. This programme presents own knowledge of company Container, d.o.o. at the highest possible level. In the products, the work of development department and technology is reflected. They are upgraded with new applications of additional equipment “simple and efficient” and new versions of containers every day.