We offer optimal logistic solutions

The development of transport containers is the game between kilograms and durability. We are aware of the fact that only containers with low weight, high durability and long lifetime are competitive on the market. By use of computer simulations, prototype products and analyses of containers on the market, we develop the products, which can meet the requirements and expectations of our customers at the highest possible level.

With long-term experience, development and knowledge for solving the most difficult logistic challenges, each customer’s demand is thoroughly analysed and thus the optimal logistic solutions are prepared.

We assure the efficient and safe transport of goods

Up to now, we have developed several different types of special containers (from strictly purpose containers to multipurpose containers) for our customers and in cooperation with them. The containers are designed for different means of transport, which assure our customers an efficient and safe transport of different goods from place of loading to place of unloading. In our containers, different raw materials are transported throughout Europe: bulk cargo, scrap metal, plaster, iron ore, wooden chips, pallet cargo, crops, plastics in bulk, coal, wood, construction waste, fluids…

This give us the courage to face new challenges in the logistics every day. If we once manufactured standard containers for sea and rail transport, we provide our customers today with special, multimodal and integral solutions.

We suggest optimal multimodal solutions for the future

Visit us and let us know your needs. We can offer you the development of a new container, according to your requirements and our solutions it will be drawn in 3D programme. We prepare a static calculation, technical documentation and prototype product, which will later be tested. By analysing the container in everyday use, the product can be adjusted during the prototype phase and with smaller modifications an optimal construction for an efficient and simple use can be assured.

Thus we design the integral and quality solutions for your specific needs in the logistics.

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