We are looking for efficient solutions

Solving of energy problems and searching for efficient solutions present a new kind of a challenge, which we face highly motivated in company Container, d.o.o.. We are aware of the fact that we produce control centres, which in their final form take care of working of different applications and systems and hence we perform our work with great enthusiasm, productive and on a high quality level.

Energy programme is a field, where the relation or cooperation between us and the customers is of extreme importance. In the field of energetics, we offer the integral service and together with you we plan smart energy units, which are made as key project and delivered in any part of the world. We are able to meet even the most demanding expectations. In the past, we obtained valuable experience and made different energy units for the fields such as:

  • standard units for cogeneration,
  • smart energy units “on-shore E-Room” of larger non-standard dimensions, multi-storey together with sub constructions,
  • “off-shore” containers.

Together with you – from development to execution

Satisfied customers are our top priority. This can be seen in energy programme, where we provide our customers with prototypes at their own option – from the development to the execution itself.

When we design the desired product, we make 3D models of objects, static and dynamic calculations, climate studies on HVAC, lifting studies, fire protection design, electrical schemes and other analyses required by customers for individual projects.

Quality materials for temperature extremes

We ensure the making of metal construction, fire protection, lighting, electrical installations, air-conditioning and aeration (HVAC) and assembly of required equipment with great enthusiasm and precision together with our workers in the production. We use materials for extreme temperatures (from -50°C to +50°C). We offer colour protection of containers, which extends the life expectancy of products in very cold, hot or salty environment.

We prepare all required documentation for our products. By providing the transport services, we ensure the produced energy units are delivered to the final destination anywhere in the world.

Product gallery of Energy programme